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Aram Bartholl 0,16 light installation, 2009

Dimensions: 35 x 100 x 280 cm
Materials: MDF 19mm, HDF 3mm , transparent paper, ETC Source Four zoom 25-50° 750W, tripod, dimmer

0,16 is a light installation in which the shadows of a passer-by is transformed into ‘pixels’. The installation consists of a wall built of small square frames covered front and back with transparent paper. A third layer of paper is attached in the centre of the frames. A lamp shining at a distance breaks the shadows of the passers-by into squares, allowing a pixellated human figure to be seen on the other site of the installation. In this simple way, Bartholl renders tangible the pixels found in the world of digital communications.The ‘resolution’ of the screen is 0,16 ppi (pixels per inch), hence the title.

0,16 was intended to be shown at the 6th Berlin International Directors Lounge 2010, our space, however, was missing 2 cm in height. Bad luck, cool work. click pic for more.

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Net Data Space vs. Every Day Life | Aram Bartholl

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Directors Lounge special screening:

CHRISTINA MCPHEE The Delicate Landscape of Crisis

A premier survey of California-based McPhee’s experimental films from 2002-2011

“Delicate structures arise in the transport of trauma”:  Christina McPhee traces landscapes of crisis, performing video montage like drawings in a data-field. From earthquake landscapes in the California desert, to Ground Zero in New York, to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, McPhee tracks the intimate topographies of environmental crisis in America.” Sharon LIn Tay, film critic, London

The screening, curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr of Director’s Lounge, Berlin, takes place next to, literally, the opening reception of Formal-Normal at Walden Kunstausstellungen, starting at 7pm.

Walden  freies museum  Potsdamer Strasse 91 Berlin

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Black Rain

Black Rain is sourced from images collected by the twin satellite, solar mission, STEREO. Here we see the HI (Heliospheric Imager) visual data as it tracks interplanetary space for solar wind and CME’s (coronal mass ejections) heading towards Earth. Data courtesy of courtesy of the Heliospheric Imager on the NASA STEREO mission.

Working with STEREO scientists, Semiconductor collected all the HI image data to date, revealing the journey of the satellites from their initial orientation, to their current tracing of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Solar wind, CME’s, passing planets and comets orbiting the sun can be seen as background stars and the milky way pass by.

As in Semiconductors previous work ‘Brilliant Noise’ which looked into the sun, they work with raw scientific satellite data which has not yet been cleaned and processed for public consumption. By embracing the artefacts, calibration and phenomena of the capturing process we are reminded of the presence of the human observer who endeavors to extend our perceptions and knowledge through technological innovation.

Commissioned by Animasivo Mexico City, 2009

Semiconductor is artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Through moving image, sound and multi-media installations they explore the material nature of our world and how we experience it, questioning our place in the physical universe. Their unique approach has won them many awards and prestigious fellowships such as the Gulbenkian Galapagos, Smithsonian Artists Research and the NASA Space Sciences. Their work is part of several international public collections and has been exhibited globally including Venice Bienniale, The Royal Academy, Hirshhorn Museum, BBC, ICA and the Exploratorium.

(via placeboKatz via We Find Wildness)

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 Experiments in Cinema v6.3!

Directors Lounge visits Experiments in Cinema:

On April 15th DL will hit the screen in Albuquerque with some of our favourite films by Keith Sanborn, Eric Dyer, Jean-Gabriel Périot, André Werner, Max Hattler and Ken Paul Rosenthal (Ken will be there in person!).

So if you are in New Mexico drop in to see what we’ve compiled. And don’t forget to watch the other programs (curated by our mate Bryan Konefsky, pictured here) that include the works by Gerard Freixes Ribera, Jodie Mack, Jeanne Liotta, Kerry Laitala, Wago Kreider, Marie Losier, Scott Stark and Martha Colburn.

Experiments in Cinema - Albuquerque’s annual celebration of international cinematic experimentation!

Witness cinema like you’ve never it seen before! Experiments in Cinema is an annual, Albuquerque-based festival that celebrates recent trends in international, cinematic experimentation and offers a variety of ways in which attendees might think about the history of media representation and participate in shaping future trends in cultural representation. To this end we are deeply invested in year-long outreach efforts where we travel our festival to schools around New Mexico to inspire a new generation of home grown filmmakers to create movies in ways we might never have imagined possible.

This 5 day event consists of film screenings, lectures, workshops and thoughtful dialogue, always.

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DL at the LAAA

one not to miss: Directors Lounge hits LA, opening reception April 9th 6-9pm

We are screening assorted highlights at the prestigious Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) as part of  NOT A CAR, a special all-media, cross-cultural exhibition featuring the highlights from our partners, the C.A.R. art fair in Essen, Germany, alongside original contemporary artworks by Los Angeles artists debuting at Gallery 825 on April 9, 2011. Exhibit runs through April 29, 2011.

pictured: some frames from

Eine Geisha wird gefilmt, a geisha being filmed by André Werner , 1993, 2 min 50 s

Blank City by Celine Danhier

“It felt like our lives were movies,” Debbie Harry

Blank City by French filmaker Celine Danhier captures the do-it-yourself No Wave and Cinema of Transgression movement of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. This riveting documentary on the birth of the most exciting explosion of creativity to come out of Downtown New York features archival footage and interviews with key players from the time like Debbie Harry, Jim Jarmusch, John Lurie, Amos Poe, Thurston Moore, and the infamous Lydia Lunch. Blank City will open on April 6th at the IFC Center, New York.

screenings  take place till April 14th

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Directors Lounge special screening:

The Delicate Landscape of Crisis
April 15, 2011

A premier survey of California-based McPhee’s experimental films from 2002-2011 will screen at 21:00 , 15 April , 2011 at  Freies Museum, Potsdamer Strasse 91 Berlin
Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr of Director’s Lounge, Berlin.

“Delicate structures arise in the transport of trauma”:  Christina McPhee traces landscapes of crisis, performing video montage like drawings in a data-field. From earthquake landscapes in the California desert, to Ground Zero in New York, to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, McPhee tracks the intimate topographies of environmental crisis in America.  McPhee (b. 1954 Los Angeles) is a visual and media artist whose films have shown most recently at Art Cologne OpenSpace with; Director’s Lounge, Berlin; Cinéphèmère at the Tuileries for FIAC, Paris; San Francisco Cinematheque, and ISEA, Belfast. Christina McPhee is represented by Silverman Gallery, San Francisco

” McPhee…imbues documentary realism with subjective evocation to such an extent that the project effectively displaces the importance of the documentary imag°òs indexicality… Still photographs, composited images and video clips of the landscape, environment and vernacular shrines allow the viewer to piece together the relationship between geological instability and psychological trauma…. “
Sharon LIn Tay, film critic, London (Studies in Documentary Film 2008)

with support from Walden
and Galerie Suomesta

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Directors Lounge hits LA

We are screening assorted highlights at the prestigious Los Angeles Art Organisation (LAAA) as part of  NOT A CAR, a special all-media, cross-cultural exhibition featuring the highlights from our partners, the C.A.R. art fair in Essen, Germany, alongside original contemporary artworks by Los Angeles artists debuting at Gallery 825 on April 9, 2011. Exhibit runs through April 29, 2011.

program I

Alexei Dmitriev Dubus 4 min
Coleman Miller US Uso Justo 22 min 2005 
Thorsten Fleisch DE Dromosphäre 10 min 2010
Nicolas Ramel FR A/V Sketch#3 40s 2010
Octavian Fedorovici RO Casablanca 1PM 1min 2008
Julia Smith  US  Grand Teton 4 min 1s 2010
Gunter Deller DE Riverrun and Touchdown     7 min 40s 2009
Ryley O´Byrne CA Maenad  2 min 45s 2010
Ron Diorio US Winter Wind  3 min 1s 2009
Maria Niro  US  Glitch Telemetry  ca 3 min  2010
Kika Nicolela FR/BR  Passenger 5min 2007
Bruce Knox DE Danger Global Warming 7min 3s 201
Sergio Cruz UK    Hannah    5 min30s 2010
Ofir Feldman Poetic Account 1 min
Chema Garcia Ibarra ES The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5 6min 20s 2008
KRONCK (aka Maximilian Gerlach & Jessica Benzing) Thank You Third World
Max Hattler DE Spin 4 min 2010
Julia Murakami/Alan Smithee  lost masterpieces #1 ((red) 2010

program II

Chiara Ambrosio The Crossing    3min 31s
Chiara Ambrosio Whale 4 min 52s
Eric Dyer US Copenhagen Cycles 6 min 37s
Mark Maxwell Naturaleza Muerta   29 min 2011 
Chiara Ambrosio    Charon 12 min 16s Musical score Michael Nyman
Jean-Gabriel Périot 200-000 phantoms 10 min

in cooperation with Myriam Blundell Projects


program III

A Journey Through The Symbols - selected video works by André Werner
The weary traveler must clear his own path through the thicket, must find the passages in this labyrinth of symbols. Here the glimpse of a distant female beauty, there a delightful garden; a gold-glittering speck of color draws the traveler and he finds himself entranced… The viewing of a shape, somehow familiar, sets the mind running at full force, tracing distant memories. Expectations crystalize into clear formulations; the eye strives to match the moving pieces into a distinct wholeness. But the process of pasting together the individual tiles, of trying to derive one whole unified object from this melting pot of images, fails. The arrayed bits of meaning waver and… dissolve.
All that remains are the pictures and colors, the shapes and our traveler’s imaginations – The journey carries on in the mind of the beholder. Anja Osswald

A Journey Through The Symbols combines videos from the last twenty years, many of them will be screened in US premiere

The censored film, Fire in My Belly by David Wojnarowicz (1987)

David Wojnarowicz is a painter, photographer, writer, filmmaker, performance artist and activist, who died in 1992 at the age of 37 from AIDS-related complications. He made Fire in My Belly, ith a score by Diamand Galas,as a poetic meditation on man, life, death, faith, and suffering in part as a response to the AIDS-related death of his close friend, artist Peter Hujar. The film was shown in December at the Washington Smithsonian Institution/Museum before being banned. Indeed, some conservative politicians judged it was an offense to Christians and exerted pressure on the Smithsonian Institution to removed his artwork.

To see the film on the censor-obsessed youtube is surprising, watch it while you can.

via purple-diary

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“…like a Fleischer Brothers cartoon, performed by four morbid characters….”


A screening with Guy Maddin’s own personal selection of his short films, complemented by readings of the filmmaker’s book From The Atelier Tovar* by Kenton Turk

more here

* available at coach house books

photo by Michael Evgi

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Directors Lounge Screening at Z-Bar

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Seppo Renvall
Times, Songs and Material
16mm films and video

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

“Never very good technical quality“, “no sharp image“, “no tripod“, “everything kind of shaky“, “mainly things that are not interesting“, “no story“, “no one idea“ - when reading these quotes from Seppo Renvall on his own films, one could think he is practising some kind of anti-aesthetic. However, Seppo Renvall does not want to cause offence or a scandal. Rather, his “negativity“ is set against the grand gestures that predominate media, and the superlatives “most“, “best“ and “highest“ required by the art scene. Theodor Adorno uses the term “negativity“ in conjunction with resistance and connected with a countenance that does not allow reconciliation with the power, or the “wrong“ social situation. Since then, times have changed and this society may not any more require a “life in alert“ (Walter Benjamin) but now urges a life in agitation. Seppo’s negativity seems to be more gentle, and seems to function more as a shield or as subversion against that constant state of arousal the media and the art world expect from the arts and the artists.

“If something interesting is happening, I possibly decide to shoot in the opposite direction“, and often he finds something more subtle, more telling than the spectacle ahead. His sympathy goes to the little things in life, or maybe I should say: empathy. His films thus carry his empathy to the small situations in daily life. As a consequence, part of his work is made of home movies showing scenes with friends, family life, children and travel, shot and shown on 16mm.

The themes of his other films are quite divers but still connected with daily life, even if they seem to embrace the spectacle, like “Nonstoppampam“. In this (in original) 3-channel work, an array of gunshots is fired in rapid succession. We possibly need to know the fact that these people shoot with a real gun for the first time in their life in order to see, what S. Renvall was mainly interested in: the awes, the hesitation, the threat and the surprise on the recoil forces reflected on their faces “Exotique” and “Yötähteni” talk about spaces of in-between, between light and shadow, night and day, unconscious and waking. Combined with the music of Aslak Christianson and others, many of these films, mostly edited on video, become songs, rhapsodies of life and a strong subversion of the mirror, which the TV screen seems to be for us.

Seppo Renvall will be present for Q&A.

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
With support from Suomesta Galerie, Berlin

More infos at:



Home Movies 4 2:00

Home Movies 1-3 7:00

Private Area 3:49


The Price Of Our Liberty 08:09

Warm Front 5:24

Iris And Nalle 2:53

Planet Earth Encyclopedia 6:13

Dancing Shortly 1:13

Exotique 09:57

Dancing Shortly II 2:45

Drum Zymphony 21:15

Nonstop PamPam 4:20

Yötähteni 2:30

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Alexei Dmitriev, Kenton Turk and André Werner, photo:Michael Evgi

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Director Orlan Roy and Daphné Hérétakis (Collectif Jeune Cinéma)
photo: J.Murakami

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Video artist and curator Kim Collmer, photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr  

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World Premiere of niland 2 by Rocío Rodríguez and Marius Leneweit (gruppefisch) photo: Klaus W. Eisenlohr 

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Director Massimo Salvato (MUSE) and actress Julia Krynke, photo: J. Murakami

4938 0846 500

Maximilian Westphal (The New Killing Fields) and filmmaker and curator Alexei Dmitriev, photo: J.Murakami 

0702 c223 500

photo: J.Murakami

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Usama Alshaibi  viciously attacked and beaten in an apparent hate crime attack

Iraqi-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi was viciously attacked and beaten Saturday night in an apparent hate crime attack. While attempting to attend a party in Fairfield, Iowa — where he’s been residing with his wife Kristie since last summer — Alshaibi was repeatedly punched and kicked by a group of men spouting racial epithets.

Alshaibi was walking home by himself after midnight after having dinner with friend Manuel Tsingaris. Passing by one house out of which he heard loud noises, the filmmaker asked a woman standing outside where the party was going on.

When the woman told him the party was upstairs, Alshaibi attempted to enter whereupon he was asked what his name was. When he answered “Usama,” he was immediately punched in the face. Four young men then started calling Alshaibi a “sand nigger” and “Usama Bin Laden” while ferociously beating him. After falling to the ground, the men continued to kick him.

 Eventually making his way to the parking lot of Family Video, the store manager called 911 and Alshaibi called his dinner friend Tsingaris to help him.

According to press reports, the Fairfield police are treating this incident as a hate crime. However, at this time, there is little to go on to find the assailants as Alshaibi was completely disoriented following the attack.

Born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1969, Alshaibi spent his childhood both in his home country and in Iowa. For much of his adult life, he has lived in Chicago, Illinois where he has made dozens of acclaimed and controversial films, including the award-winning documentary Nice Bombs, about his and Kristie’s visit to his relatives in Iraq following the downfall of Saddam Hussein.

Most recently, Alshaibi has been working on a follow-up documentary called American Arab, which hopes to shed light on the frequently maligned and misunderstood Arab community in the U.S. The film is being produced through Chicago’s Kartemquin Films, which last year awarded Alshaibi their first ever Diversity Fellowship that is  given to minority filmmakers. Kartemquin’s Executive Director, Justine Nagan, has issued a statement of support.

Usama has been a regular on Directors Lounge since the early years and we consider him not only an important filmmaker but a good friend as well, so we are  saddened and shocked by this incident. In addition to American Arab, Alshaibi has also recently finished the fictional film Profane, which recently made its European Premiere at the 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge and will be making its U.S. Premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival later this month. 

Alshaibi’s Nice Bombs that we screened in 2007 and a short film compilation DVD are  available to buy or rent on Amazon and Netflix.

Also, Alshaibi’s family have started a blog to help raise funds for his medical and legal bills.

more: chicagotribune Bad Lit Chicago Reader


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Team DL taking a nap



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